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May 7, 2017

As The Wheelbarrow Turns-Plantaholicsm-Giving Into the Addiction...

MAY 2017:

As the Wheelbarrow Turns......Ten Best Ways to Recycle A Wheelbarrow

NEwsflash!   Our plantaholicsm is in full swing.   The weather in Western Washington appears to be a full month later than its usual cycle...we are experiencing April weather in May ... so for PAs this means no planting of tomatoes and peppers in the ground until night time temps go above 40 degrees.

I work at a local test nursery and I get to fondle plant material all day.   It makes my addiction less acute and I get super picky.   I pretty much practice permaculture principles and mostly plant edible plants, but occasionally I dabble in landscape plants that are simply delicious.

This past Weekend was the Seattle Tilth Edible Plant Sale, thousands of people showed up to buy organic edible plants of all great kinds...what a hoot...the sale has grown so large you have to pick a time to come in...waves and waves of people!

Northwest weather is fickle these days.  Running cooler at night and a month behind in warmth.  We use hoop houses to protect our seedlings and starts.
We have used plastic milk jugs in the past in a hurry.